Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kindness Week Day 5/ Caleb and mama day!

On Wednesday we did our last kindness mission.  I wanted to do something for some animals since we missed helping the cats back at Second Chance Animal Shelter in TX.  So I found a shelter here in the area called Kitty Haven that rescues kittens and helps to find them permanent, loving homes.  They accept donations though a local animal hospital.  So I got to work in my sewing room making a bunch of cat nip pouch toys; and of course all of my cats came to assist.  We had to keep a couple due to them licking them and making them their own.

Caleb was very excited to bring the kitties their toys:
Then it was off for our Caleb and mama time.  We initially were going to play at the bouncy house place, but unknown to me, it was a day off of school for the local kids and the place was packed.  So we headed to the McDonald's that I had taken Clayton to the prior day thinking we might get lucky and it would be as quiet as the day before.  Great treat for Caleb, not so good for mama's waist line!

Luckily, it was indeed a quiet day and we were the only ones there for a good while.  I was having a pretty good headache day, so I went up in the play land with Caleb and we had some fun exploring and hanging out.

Then a little boy showed up and I became chopped meat!  Caleb is a super social guy and when he sees someone, they instantly become his new best friend.  So he left me in the play land, while he and his new friend took turns rescuing me and then hiding from the monster (also me).  It was a great day and I can't wait to have another day alone with him.



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  2. Hello Emily, I emailed you the other day. Just wanted to make sure you got it :). April