Sunday, April 11, 2010

We got placed!!

On 24 March I was driving home from work and got a call from our agency about a set of 6mo old twin boys that needed an emergency placement. I called Sam and asked if he was willing to do this and he said YES! Less than 3 hours later Caleb and Clayton were at our house. Having only the nursery done at this point I was soon in the truck heading to Target to get a little bit of everything to last us for at least a couple days until I could get more time to shop.

It's been almost three weeks since we have had the boys here with us and I can truly say that we are already in love. I have to admit going from zero children to two in a flash was not an easy thing. The first week was a lot of learning and some frustrations. Thank god I had Sam here to lean on and even shed a few tears in private.

We were really hoping on adopting these two. It seemed like fate as Caleb is the same name of our sweet boy who became an angel on 13 March 2009. He would have been due in Aug of 2009 and these boys were born not long after that. However, after attending the first court date of their birth mother it seems that adoption is not going to be an option for these two, at least not with us. We have only 18 months left here in TX (or at least that is what branch is telling us) before were are moved to another post. They will most likely be returned to their mother or in the system for a lot longer than what we have left here.

It truly breaks our hearts to think of letting them go. I try to have faith and think why they would have been brought in our lives just to leave. The first thing that comes to mind is perhaps to prepare us. Sam was initally open to only one little one but last week we submitted on another sibling group. A little girl and her baby brother. I think that without having the boys Sam may have been a little more reluctant to agree on submitting on a sibling group. Now he see's that we can do it, that it can be a lot of fun and especially now that we have all the "equipment" needed for two little ones!

No matter how long they are here for we are going to love them like they were our own. We can already see such a difference in how they interact and what they can do from when they first showed up. I just have to believe that all this is happening for a reason.