Saturday, May 8, 2010

A lazy Saturday

As I sit here writing this Clayton is rolling on the floor pulling papers off of the coffee table yelling "ah baba baba baba" and smilling and Caleb is rolling around in what used to be a new stack of diapers having a grand 'ole time. Both of them are quite moble these days and this morning they both are putting a big smile on my face and a small tear in my eye. These are the moments I have dreamed of for years, and finally they are here for me to cherish.

I can not tell you all how much they have grown and progressed in the short time we have had them. Their personalities just shine through and we just absolutley love spending time with them. When we started the adoption process I often wondered if we could truly love a child or children that I did not give birth to, well I am here to tell you that yes, yes we can. Sam and I love these boys more than anything in this world. It's going to break our heart when they end up leaving our home and I will think about them for the rest of our life. I pray that the time that they spend with us makes a difference in their life. We love you Clayton and Caleb.