Thursday, April 14, 2011

We have a date!!!

This evening we had our first meeting with our newly appointed CPS adoption worker. She gave us a stack of paperwork (that I have already completed and have ready for drop-off tomorrow!) and did a quick inspection of the house. We asked the probability of getting on the schedule for the May 27th adoption date. She seemed confident that if the paperwork was completed and returned quickly there should be no problem (hence driving it down to Belton part).

Shortly after she left, Sammy went and checked the mail and a package from our attorney arrived. In it were the court papers and a letter informing us that we have been given a final hearing/adoption date of 27 May! We couldn't be happier, yes we wanted it to happen as soon as possible but this week Sam's unit approved him to stay home until the adoption was done IF it was completed in May. Most of his unit is leaving for Afghanistan this month and next month.

This means Daddy is going to be able to be here for adoption day and I couldn't ask for anything more. I know this means so much for him too. I just can't believe that this day is finally coming for us, after all we have been through we are going to be a real, certified family and no one can take it away! This news is just the beginning of a great weekend. On Sunday, the boys are going to be baptized. Friends and family will join us to dedicate the boys to God. Bio family will also join us in the celebration! One month from now I can post all the pics I want of my babies!