Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Nursery

We wanted to share some pics of our nursery. As I mentioned in our prior post we are still waiting on our window treatments and Sam is going to get me a rocker/glider so I have a special space to have reading time with our little one, but for the most part it's done!

We went with a Beatrix Potter theme and tried to keep in gender neutral since we don't know if we will be blessed with a little girl or boy. I had so much fun shopping for things for the nursery. I am still collecting books whenever we go to Barnes and Nobels, I can't wait to be able to sit and read them with our child. Some of the cats decided to join in the pics as well! Hope you enjoy!

We are Licenced!

I emailed our case worker today to ask her a couple questions and she wrote back and informed us that we have been licenced for foster/adopt! We couldn't be happier. It feels like it has been an eternity since this has all began back in December but I guess it has actually all gone by pretty fast. We had our home study in the beginning of February but it took a while to actually complete that due to trying up a lot of the questions that the social worker had (man were they personal!). We also started the nursery and for the most part completed it.

My mom is helping with the window treatments and some blankets. She sprained her wrist so she can't use her digitizing machine right now but perhaps in a couple weeks. I will post pictures soon. I guess at this point we just wait for a match. Our case worker has been sending us profiles and although many of the children's stories just tug on our heart strings we feel that the little one(s) that is right for our family is still out there.

I feel so selfish because I want it all now. I want to open my email and see the profile and pic of our little one right this minute. With the spring coming and so many family events upcoming at both Sam's and mines unit's it gets a little depressing knowing that yet another year goes by without a little one of our own around. We hope and pray that our little one finds us soon!