Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kindness week- Day 2! (opps, we got a late start)

Monday, I was watching Ellen (who I just love!) and she stated that this week is Kindness week!  While I believe that we should all be kind to one another everyday, I thought it would be great to follow along and to each day, perform an act of kindness.  I wanted to involve the boys; both to give them an opportunity to get out of the house and have fun, but also to teach them the importance of doing for others.

So Monday afternoon our sitter "A" and I brainstormed and came up with our list for the week.  For day two (becasue we got a late start by just learning of this at the end of day one) we decided we would make some sticker bags and visit a local coffee shop that also has a children's play area on the other side.

So we headed out and Caleb was more than happy to hand out the bags to the other kids.  So happy in fact that this was the only picture I could get, he was just too fast for me.

Then it was time for playing.  This was a nervous time for me.  You see, just two weeks ago, Clayton was diagnosed with ADHD.  He was evaluated after we have been having some behavior and speech issues for the last couple months.  Caleb also has a very high level of energy for a 3 year old.  Playdates have recently been a thing of dread rather than fun and enjoyment.  However, this day started off well.  Caleb was excited to play all over the equipment.

Clayton suprised both "A" and I.  While he normally is not very sociable, he was very friendly with the other kids, shared the toys (for the most part) and no melt downs!

Then "it" happened.  the moment I dreaded, that I always dread when we are out.  Caleb touched something he shouldn't have and it broke, made a mess and upset a couple people.  I helped clean it up, disciplined him and offered to replace it.  We explained to him why we had to leave and then we did.  I didn't take the incident too well yesterday, emotionally this was just another blow to my fragile mom esteem.  While I feel they need to be held accountable for their actions, there is also reasons why they process things the way they do (besides being three year olds!).

So while enjoying a glass (or two-ish) of wine that night after they went to bed, I started getting busy in the kitchen by making a heap of cookies for our day 3 act of kindness.  All I have to say, is if you hear a certain fire dept. on post burned down or anything, we are moving out of state!


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  1. You and me both about the play dates. It is hard to deal with when you are going in two directions at once. You are an amazing mommy! These boys are so lucky to be yours. <3