Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kindness Week- Day 3!

To continue with kindness week we decided to make some cookies (OK, I made the cookies after the boys were snug in their beds) and take them on post to the fire station and police department.  Normally we would head to the Army post given we are an Army family; however, since "A" is a Air Force wife, we headed to the McChord side of JBLM and visited the Airmen.

We started at the fire station.  I knew the boys were going to have fun, but still my guard was high and I must admit I was a little nervous.  We walked in and found a very nice gentleman that received the first Bag of cookies, courtesy of Caleb.  He took us to the Kitchen where there were a couple other Airmen and firefighters but most were taking a midaftenoon snooze.  So we left the cookies in the kitchen and followed him to the bay, where he offered to show us the engines!

The boys had a blast!  Just as we were getting ready to head out, the fire chief came out and offered them a ride in the fire truck.  How cool!  So back in the truck we went and the fireman took us all for a short ride around their perimeter. They sounded the horn and the siren and at the end, gave each boy their very own fireman's helmet.  It was not easy getting them to leave, but we managed to get them both back in the truck after giving our thanks and appreciation to everyone there.

Our next stop was the police station.  It was during lunch so the place was somewhat scarce, but we ended up meeting just enough friends (as Caleb called them) for the amount of cookie bags we had left.  Both Clayton and Caleb enjoyed traveling from office to office, meeting new friends and handing out cookies.

Our trip was not complete without a stop to view the airplanes, Caleb spotted them on the way to the fire department and had not forgot about them upon leaving.  I swear, for only having vision in one eye, that kid has vision like a hawk!  I loved this place; kept the boys entertained, unable to break anything and best of all free!  (Reminder to self, come back here often!)

Stay tuned for day 4!!

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