Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

Well we made it through the day, and what a day it was! The boys turned 3 at the end of September and who ever said it was the terriable two's lied, it's the three's that are truly terriable. My mother tells me that someday soon they will return back to normal and I pray that she is right because I don't think the local Class VI (our military liquor store) has enough wine in stock to keep me sane! We are now up in Washington State and my headaches and chronic pain has not improved any and I am now seeing a new doctor. Now that I am no longer in the Army, I am also a stay at home mom. This is all very new to me and some times it can be very over whelming, especially when you are in pain. I can't really stop my mind from thinking if there was a reason for our infertility, if it were a sign that perhaps we were not supposed to be parents, a forewarning if you will. Many days it's all I can do just to keep the boys fed and somewhat entertained throughout the day until my husband comes home at night. Defiently not the one on one interaction of ABC and 123 lessons that I wish we could do thoughout the day much less trips to the park. Some days yes, but those days are far and few. I do have hope. Currently I am seeing my new headache Dr every two weeks and we are trying lots of new things and hopefully at least one of those thigns will pay off. Next month marks 3 years of this illness for me. 3 years that I have had pain for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any relief. So if you are the praying type, or even if you are not, please just send some positive thoughts this way. This mama could surely use them. Thanks!


  1. i will be praying for you april. you are a strong woman to have went thru all that you have and you will beat this to. i can not believe that the boys are 3 years old now. happy late birthday to them. and even if you are not able to teach them abc or 123 or carry them to the park right now you are still a wonderful mother. i hope and pray that you will get better soon.